Top 10 Small business ideas in London

Top ten business in London 1.    Removal Company Removal company is one of the leading business in United Kingdom. As this city has high ratio of moving people. That is the reason that there are number of removal companies in London. So, if want to do business in London. A removal company can be the […]

Top ten business in London

1.    Removal Company

Removals company in London

Removal company is one of the leading business in United Kingdom. As this city has high ratio of moving people. That is the reason that there are number of removal companies in London. So, if want to do business in London. A removal company can be the best option. Usually, these companies provide services to remove all your household items from your home if you are shifting your home.

These companies have branches across the UK and experts in removals. These also make possible that the customer should get full insurance and protection for every household item.

2.    Real-stateReal- state in london

Like in the whole world, real-state business is also successful in London. Buying and selling homes can be the most successful business, along with finding house on rent. It is about property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water. A property can be fixed property of this nature. Whereas, an interest bestowed in this an item of real property, generally buildings or housing in general. Also it is the business of real estate; the profession of buying, selling, or renting land, buildings or housing.”

3.    MoversMovers in London

A mover is a company / business which specifically help you in moving a house. Such companies have a versatile experience of establishing your moves from packing, shipping, freight progressing to customs clearance and final transfers at your new destinations. Such companies move your effects around the world with great professional skills and handiness, which are a part of our logistic regime.

The movers remain supple in every answer to your necessities and always prepared to meet up with your added alterations. We endeavor in all aspects to make your move smooth and hassle free. The successful completion of your move makes us exceptionally happy and highly gratified.

4.    Ladies beauty careLadies beauty in london

Ladies beauty care is also one of the most successful business in London. This business requires an expert beautician. Including, beauty products and a saloon. Such beauty parlor offer variety of services like, bridal, party and casual makeup, haircut, nail polish of latest styles along with nail polish remover, IPL permanent hair removals, Pigment removals, hot and cold wax for hair removals, make-up removal products are also the essential part of the Beauty parlors.

5.    DentistryDensitry in London

A toothache is considered one of the worst pain in the world. This field of business is totally related to teeth. Dentist is a professional B.ds doctor. A dentist also offer variety of services. The utmost and famous job of a doctor is a tooth removal. Doctors can also help in cavity removals or complete denture removal. A dentist earns more than any other doctor in London.

6.    Tattoo shopsTattoo shops in London

Tattoo making is also one of the famous trends of the London. This is the leading trend in London. Due to demand and supply mechanism there are a lot of tattoo shops in London. These shops have expert tattoo makers. Not only this, these tattoo makers also have the equipment’s for tattoo removals.

7.    Marketing

Marketing Opportunities in London

Marketing is also a famous business in London. It is the most demanding field in the modern level. Marketing is a tool which will move your business to the next level. Starting a business is not as difficult as maintaining a business. So, marketing is a best option for the new businesses.


8.    Legal advisingLegal Opportunities in London

Legal advising is also one of great business. A legal adviser of business is an individual which will move your business to high level. In case, if someone is copying your intellectual property or is stealing your ideas. Such scenario can be very hectic for a businessman. If you want to remove these instabilities you must need a legal adviser.

9. CounselingCounseling companies in london

When it comes to business ideas counselling companies are making some worthwhile space in business opportunities market of London.



Now who they are?

Counselling companies are sort of trainers that are hired by small and medium enterprises for different purposes. These expert trainers help companies for training their employees within the scope of their business operations. On another hand counselors are hired by individuals as well for their career grooming, public PR and for other required purposes. You can say they are individual or group of trainers dedicated towards any particular area knowledge.

Market share of counselling business among new business ideas in London

There are several business opportunities in London where you can make space of being an individual counselor or be an entrepreneur while initiating a counselling organisation in London.
Same like other businesses counselling companies and individuals are charging their clients more than they charge them from outside of London. The only reason behind this is that old known concept of London being the business center of the world trade after New York.

So brainstorm your ideas and think about having a business initiative for a counseling company in London.
If you are business personal you can create your own places to start a business or your initial business plan or for this you can hire another business counselling company.

Get started I can’t wait forward you can to within the broad consumer market of London.

10. Software Companies in LondonSoftware company in london

software development company an emerging small business idea in London

Among all those business opportunities in London, we got a wast scope for software companies in London.

Yes, initiating a software company is last but not the least among our list of best small business opportunities to be initiated in London.

Scope of creating a software company in London

Why to get into a software company business when you got no knowledge about coding or building software’s; well who said that you would be building software or get your a** into coding. That’s what where the wrong concept lies, when people think to own a software company or software house you must be a software developer or a computer engineer.

Let me clear you to build a software help you don’t really need to be a computer expert. You can hire coders, web developers, graphic designers and computer engineers for your software house. You must be thinking of then what I would be doing for my business if I had other guys for all that job; here comes the main point, not to mention that, the biggest job in software house or a software development company is not to build a software or to design any application but to sell it.

Operational challenges

Yes in today’s competitive business world building or making things is not be harder job but selling that thing out there in market where there are millions of corporations selling the same stuff.
Now this make a sense that if you got some little managerial and marketing skills then you would be the one to sell that stuff, to bring new clients in business, facing real market hurdles and taking that software house at its height of success with your leading entrepreneurial skills.

Now what opportunities software companies in London are having in terms of small businesses.
As I have discussed in our last business opportunity, London is known to be the second biggest trade market of the globe.

new technological trends are expanding markets and consumers

New companies are joining business on daily basis, SMEs and corporations are investing in London from over all the world. And in today’s competitive market they all need CMS, CRM, android and IOS applications, point in system, system, web marketing and other several software and Computer Sciences based stuff.
New Market entries are enhancing your scope of opening a software house in London.
On other hand if you don’t got investment to rent out an office for your new business idea; or if you don’t got budget to pay for that team of computer guys. In that case there is another cheaper option to pursue a software house business initiative.

Freelancer your work, simply. We got 1000 of cheap freelancers on internet working on very cheap daily and project basis jobs. You can simply find these freelancers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh commercial anchor and other similar 3rd world countries.
Now go and find those cheep computer experts.
We got fiverr, freelancer, people per hour and several other freelancing websites to get cheap software developers.

Top 10 Freelance companies
Top 10 job opportunities in UK

Hello fiver team,


First of all I want to congratulate Fiver team for the value that you guys are creating interms of providing entrepreneurial exposure in underdeveloped regions. Opportunities provided by fiverr are admirable, specially when it comes  to grow an entrepreneurial market in developing and underdeveloped countries by providing them such evens that creates impact on region’s employment level.

I was just going through fiver forums, and there i got to know about “Fiver Events”. So i crawled down on event’s page to see what it exactly holds, and when i saw the hero text mentioning “A global network of doers, built by people like you” I was like, people like me? How?

Moreover, when i read the over all text which was like:

fiverr community leaders are passionate. They’re diverse. They’re engaging and professional; fun and knowledgeable. They organize and host discussions, help plan events, welcome newcomers, and serve as the face of an entrepreneurial movement in their city.

Does this sound like you?

YES. That’s me, let’s try to get my city “Quetta” on board.

Now who am I? And where is “Quetta”.


So Corte is the capital city of Pakistan

So, “Quetta” is the capital city of Pakistan’s biggest province by land “Baluchistan”.

I wish your day is

The capital city of “Baluchistan” holds a population of approximately 4 Million people; where we got 7 big universities. Cities biggest University, “UOB – University of Baluchistan” carries more than 12,000 enrolled students. Further more, we got an Engineering and Management Sciences Institute “BUITEMS – Baluchistan University of Information technology and Management Sciences” having around more than 8,000 enrollments. Two medical colleges BMC and QIMS; where “BMC – Bolan Medical College” carries around 3,000 students & “QIMS – Quetta institute of Medical Sciences” holds around 700 enrolled collegiate.

The list continues with having a “Law School” and two private universities named “AIU – Alhamd Islamic University” and “IU – Iqra University”; where we got an approximate of around 5,000 enrolled students.

So, our city holds an assumed sum of 28,700 students enrolled in different graduate and post graduate programs.

Meanwhile, in “Quetta” we got huge space to attract enthusiast students having entrepreneurial mindset.

Now coming towards, who am I?

It’s Zulkifl Agha,


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