1st Move International Ltd


1st Move International Removals Company :
We are a specialist moving, packing and shipping company, offering fast, weekly overseas removals services direct from the UK to over 6500 destinations worldwide. Whether you are moving just a few boxes or shipping the contents of your house or home you can be assured of a safe, secure and stress free international moving experience at 1st Move.

The safety and security of your household goods and personal effects is our number one priority. Each international move is individually packed and shrink-wrapped to pallets using our unique packing systems to ensure the maximum protection throughout the removals and shipping process. Safe and secure from your door to your final destination. We are the only international removals company in the UK who use this revolutionary shipping method for the transportation of personal effects and household goods, and once we have packed your shipment we post a picture of every move to our Facebook page. Neat!

Our Unique Shrink-Fast Packing Systems – Great Packing, No Compromise :

  1. At 1st Move International we ensure that all your goods are thoroughly prepared for shipping by loading all packed items together onto Forestry Commission approved pallets. All pallets are heat treated and stamped to comply with all overseas import regulations.
  2. We  pack individual items into cartons, crates or boxes. Furniture and larger items are paper and bubble wrapped for extra protection. To reduce shipping costs we will utilise all empty spaces, inside drawers, between the legs of chairs and pack soft furnishings, like bedding, inside white goods. Space costs money! Our packers are experts at filling up those empty spaces to ensure maximum cost savings for your move. This process makes for a fantastic, tight, safe and secure package so your household goods are not rattling around inside a shipping container on their journey overseas. Just a great way to ship stuff.
  3. Now your goods are protected and packed and arranged tightly onto your pallets. They are then wrapped around with a clear stretch-wrap film to bind all items tightly together to minimise movement in transit. A further layer of double walled cardboard sheet and 2 layers of export standard bubble wrap are added to help protect your goods from accidental knocks or bumps. And that’s just the start.                                                    Weekly international shipping services direct from the UK ;
    We don’t wait! Why should you? We are not like other international movers. We never hold any shipments trying to find more customers to fill our containers. As professional Freight Forwarders we simply don’t need to do that. Our unique packing services are specifically designed to comply with stringent commercial export packing procedures. This means we share containers with the UK’s top manufacturing and exporting companies and ship out every week, without fail, just like the experts do.

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