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About London Removal Services :
We have been a member of Checkatrade for a few years now, and customers have reviewed our teams well. We aim to please and take pride in all our work. We could tell you lots more about us, but we’d prefer to let our customers speak .

Moving Guide
Preparation is Key:

To help you plan your relocation there are some steps to consider before you move. The following measures should help save you time, money and stress and can help make your move a smooth one.

Packing and Unpacking:

When packing for your move, Multimovers can provide as much or as little support as you need. A team can be arranged to pack everything in your home or just a part pack is required. This is usually the fragile contents which need extra care and attention. This is a convenient service to save you time and effort but also having your goods professionally packed will mean they are covered by our standard liability cover. This is an industry standard and required by insurers.

With any removal company that you agree to undertake your move please take the time to familiarise yourself with their terms and conditions which explain the rights, obligations and responsibilities of all parties to that agreement. Multimovers’ terms and conditions are BAR (British Association of Removers) approved and have also also been approved by the office of fair trading. They are attached with all emailed quotations and booking confirmations. If you have any questions regarding these documents or require clarification then this should be discussed before acceptance of the quotation. These terms are also on the reverse side of the worksheet that you’ll be requested to sign upon us starting your relocation.

Precision move items:

Relocating precision items like safes, pianos, pizza ovens and other heavy or bulky goods may require specialist equipment and dramatically add costs to your move. Although we do not currently provide a ‘specialist’ service in-house, our teams are usually able to manoeuvre most items. For example, a piano going from a 1st floor flat to a ground floor or a cumbersome couch lowered from a 1st floor balcony is usually manageable. Ensure you supply details of the precision move to a member of staff during your booking or home visit. Our precision moves involve a reasonable surcharge. We reserve the right to refuse or charge extra for precision moves such as pianos, safes or balcony lifts if deemed unsafe or specialist equipment is required.

Access and Parking:

Good access and parking are crucial for any move to run smoothly. Unless notified otherwise when quotations are provided we assume that parking will be within a reasonable distance (10 – 20 metres) from your actual front door. It is common for customers to reserve spaces with their car/s and/or bins which notify neighbours of an impending move however is is not fail safe and should only be considered for non-restricted streets (Suspensions NA) or if you have a good relationship with neighbours who will honour this request. If there are parking restrictions when loading or offloading the vehicle, it is your responsibility to pre-arrange a parking dispensation or suspension (please view Parking Services). Although this can be arranged through your local authority bear in mind that a minimum notice period is applicable. This varies from 24 hours to 2 weeks! We may be able to arrange this upon request however the usual council fees apply plus an admin fee. Some councils prefer their residents to arrange directly. Neighbours will also appreciate forewarning that a large vehicle will be parked outside your residence, preparing them for any inconvenience.

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