Funky Casinos


Funky Casinos have a wide experience of delivering events for large corporate companies – We understand the needs and complexity of business and the importance of delivering a successful event within budget.

Including a casino party within any business function can add that extra dimension without too much complexity as well as prove to be the perfect ice-breaker for employee events, like sales conferences and award evenings, or post-exhibition parties where new relationships with potential business partners can be made.

The beauty of the fun casino concept is its flexibility. The venue requirements are quite minimal and most hotels or conference centres will be able to provide the necessary accommodation easily.

Also, Funky Casinos’ experience of hosting parties in London and throughout the South East means that they have hands-on knowledge of working at some of the most popular venues and are able to help and advise with location choice should that be something that’s still undecided in your event planning process.

Casino parties can be themed: Two obvious and popular examples are James Bond and Las Vegas casino nights which create a buzz as soon as guests arrive.

Bespoke is not limited to tried and tested themes but can be extended to encompass your brand or marketing campaign; having worked with many large corporate companies to deliver their casino concept, Cathy and her team are well equipped to help you create a memorable and successful casino party for your next event.

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