Magic Mike Removals


Magic Mike Removals :

Whether it’s an upright piano, baby grand or full concert piano, our dedicated team of piano movers will collect it and safely transport it to its new home.

It’s essential your piano move is handled by professional movers, especially if you have stairs or narrow spaces to navigate.

The team at Magic Mike Removals have specialist equipment which enables us to carefully lift your piano onto a trolley so it can be carried to a vehicle. We’ll ensure it is properly wrapped to pres .

Moving office is often considered as a daunting and complex task irrespective of size of the office. Without any kind of preparations moving office will definitely cause stress for yourself and for your employees as well. There are quite many reasons for shifting office like need for much bigger area, the need of much affordable office, or even due to the unhealthy environment of the office surroundings, lack of parking areas and more.

Pianos are extremely heavy pieces of furniture to move. A small upright can weigh over 160kg, a baby ground around 230kg, a grand piano 455kg, and a concert grand can weigh as much as 590kg pounds and measure 2.7m wide. Usually, grand pianos have removable legs which removes a little bit of their bulk and makes it easier to get them through doorways and down corridors.

Older upright pianos can provide an additional problem because they may also be top-heavy.

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