MoveHub: Making Moving Abroad Easier
MoveHub is here to make moving easy. Whether moving locally or across the globe, we work with trusted partners across the full range of services you need to help you plan your move seamlessly from start to finish.

Why use MoveHub
There are many stressful elements of successfully planning a move, from finding a new neighbourhood to visas, packing, shipping and more. That is where MoveHub comes in.

Not only are we experts in the shipping and relocations industry; most of our team have experienced big international moves. Whether you’re moving abroad for a new job, or to a new city to be closer to family, you can trust us – we’ve been through it, too.

I’m still planning my move
If your move is still in the infancy of the planning stage, take a look at our international shipping page for rough estimates of time and costs of popular routes.

Whether you want to move with work or for a new adventure, we have several guides on important steps of your to do list, such as getting removals insurance.

I’ve just moved
We have numerous city guides to help you get to know your new city and advice on adjusting to your move for both adults and children.

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