Hippodrome Live



The Hippodrome’s online casino is LIVE and features more than 450 games including roulette, blackjack, slots and video poker.

For the first time in the UK our online portal has the look and feel of our bricks and mortar venue, as we’ve incorporated photography of the Hippodrome itself so players can recognise rooms and locations throughout the venue.

Online players can also load their accounts if they choose to visit us at our Leicester Square clubhouse. Play Online Now

With three floors of gaming and the dedicated Pokerstars LIVE deck we offer all of the very best in table gaming and the latest electronic games and slots from across the world for both seasoned gamblers and casino novices alike.


The main arena gaming floor, with its central bar and full-height ceiling stretching up to the minstrel’s gallery of the original theatre, is a unique and spectacular gaming experience. Our Chinatown entrance leads directly into Lola’s Underground Casino, and upstairs there are gaming rooms and a salle privee adjacent to our third floor cocktail bar.

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