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Moving Services 
If you have quite a lot of stuff to move and a man and van won’t do, Dagenham Removals can help you with moving services. We can help you, the mover, throughout the moving process and you will pay only for the services that you need. When moving to Dagenham, the chances you’ll need access to a large vehicle and lots of people to help move your heavy and bulky items. Our fleet of lorries and vans is at your disposal, whether you need one man and a van, or a much larger lorry and a professional driver to drive.

Comprehensive Removals
Moving house is one of the major stresses in life. At Dagenham Removals we are aware of this and we are here to help make things go as smoothly as possible, from the first delivery of your packaging materials to the unpacking of your very last box. Our comprehensive removals can include multiple vehicles and many members of staff: we’re very flexible. Whether you are moving flat, moving house or moving office, we have a solution that will meet your needs. Our expert team of packers and movers will visit you to assess your requirements, so you can leave the.

Packing Services
At Dagenham Removals we take our responsibility for moving your possessions very seriously indeed: we want every single item you love to reach your new home or office intact. There’s no point in moving broken pieces. As part of our commitment to quality, we offer a comprehensive range of packing services that can be tailored to your needs. If you’re confident about packing your own items, ask us about the inexpensive range of packaging supplies we have in stock. Prefer to make use of our years of experience, or don’t have the time to pack yourself? Ask us to pack.

If you have a piano, it is likely that it is one of your most precious possessions: it is an item of great financial and sentimental value, and unless it is handled by experienced professionals, there is significant risk it will become scratched or otherwise damaged whilst it is being moved. All pianos require re-tuning after they have been moved, but if the moved by inexperienced people, it may become completely unplayable. Don’t take the risk: trust Dagenham Removals with your piano.

Dagenham Removals has comprehensive insurance and this covers not only damage to your piano, but also damage caused by the piano to walls, doors, floors etc. as it is moved out from or in to a building. Our teams of specialist movers move many pianos each year: they are used to manoeuvring them up and down stairs, in to tight spaces, and even over garden walls! In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to hire a mini crane to move your piano, and we are happy to operate this for you. At Dagenham Removals we have vans and lorries suitable for transporting all kinds of pianos. Given the weight and fragility of a piano, it is essential that it does not move around whilst in transit. We will wrap the piano carefully before it is put in the vehicle, and then restrain it with ropes and ratchet straps too. We send a team of people to accompany every piano move, ensuring that it happens as safely as possible. Moving your piano is a specialist task but it does not have to be expensive. At Dagenham Removals we are budget conscious and pass on our savings to you.

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