Outdoor IP67 Led Tunnel Lighting-Led Flood Light

led tunnel light,led flood light

250W Led Tunnel Light

Item No.: FG250W08

1. Design for widely used as flood light and tunnel light
2. 3-D Heat Dissipation
3. Corrosion resistance,With powder coasting
4. LUMILEDS 3030 Chips,High CRI,over 120lm/w
5. IP67 Waterproof

Product Features:
1. Design for widely used as flood light and tunnel light;
2. Corrosion resistance.With powder coating.Suitable for harsh outdoor enviroment;
3. 3-D Heat Dissipation;
4. Large angle adjustment.Screw attached type installation.315D adjustable angle;
5. Protection rate:IP67;
6. High quality LEDs and drivers are used;
7. Does not contain environmentally harmful mercury pollution, green; Energy saving;
8. Long Lifespan (up to 80,000 hours);

We are professional Led Flood Light China Manufacturer.LED Tunnel light is widely used in the single building, the historical building exterior lighting, the building inside the light through the lighting, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other facilities lighting, bars, dance halls and other entertainment Lighting and so on.

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