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Remember the home I was losing? I wish I could say that I was so brilliant and quick that I fixed everything at light speed and saved my home and didn’t have to move my family. That would be the fairy tale ending, but it would also be inaccurate. Some might say a lie 🙂

I COULDN’T save my home! No matter who you are or what you do, things do not always work out. But I was able to use the techniques that we teach for FREE on your website, to find another home; a home that we moved into with nothing down, in spite of my newly acquired credit issues. It was larger, nicer and a much better fit for our growing family. I failed!… I did not accomplish my objective! However, because I didn’t give up, didn’t put my head in the sand… because I continued to move forward, I actually ended up with an even better outcome!

See How to purchase a home with no money and no credit.

The moral to that story? Even if you don’t get exactly what you are after or accomplish exactly your goal, as long as you keep your head up and your eyes open things will still work out…

If you are reaching for the stars, you will never come up with a handful of mud!

It all worked out for the best, but only because I looked for, pursued and expected the best. If I had, instead, buried my head in the sand and asked “why me, why is this happening to me” I and my family could have ended up in the street.

As Napoleon Hill said in his classic book “Think and Grow Rich”, “Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit”.

The fact is that If I hadn’t been in the process of losing my existing home, I’d have never found and purchased the home that ended up being so much better for my family.

We each hold our own destiny in our hands. But it is up to each of us to grab it and mold it to our choosing.

Success really is within the grasp of each of us. However, it always requires positive action and a laser like FOCUS on our goals. Otherwise we are certain to be fatally derailed by the countless setbacks, obstacles and distractions that life wcontinuously throws our way. Remember…

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