Office Managers/ Administrative Officers required in London

Lexlords NRI legal services invites applications for the ten job postings of office managers/ administrative officers who will be required to manage the office. The per month salary for this post shall be $ 90,000 USD. The administrative officers have to travel within and outside the country including several parts of Europe like Switzerland, France and Italy. All expenses including travelling expenses, tickets, lodging and laundry, hotel et cetera will be borne by Lexlords NRI legal services. We also provide free of cost breakfast and lunch to all our employees and interns. Candidates are to send their CV/ Bio-Data to us along with a covering letter. The covering letter should have enough material to demonstrate the ability of the candidate to cope up with the responsibilities and to show that the candidate has worked with large teams in the past. However experience itself is not only visit for applying for this job. The candidate may also show his or her ability to work with the teams even though he or she has no prior work experience. For any further information regarding this job, feel free to contact us through website of Lexlords NRI legal services.

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