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Just a box? Think again!
You might call us moving-nerds, but for us, a box is much more than just a box. It’s that all-important vessel which keeps your precious items safe and sound during the tussle of moving day. And from years of experience, we can tell you that shoving any old thing into any old box can end in disaster. That’s why we supply you with specific boxes, designed for specific items.

Art of the Perfect Pack :
Packing away all your worldly possessions can be the most stressful part of the move. What should you pack first? Which items go with which? How are you going to find the time to get it all done? And what about those delicate china plates your aunt gave you last Christmas? It’s just one big headache!
If you feel like this, then fear not. We can cure your woes.

Optimus Prime :
Between them, this crew has over eight years of experience in the moving industry. They know the fastest and safest way to pack, however large (or small) your property is. And with a van that’s twice the size of your regular Luton model, Team Optimus Prime is one of your strongest choices for any 3-5 bedroom house.

The team leader is Cristian, a great all round guy whose knowledge of moving is second to none. His 2nd in commend, Timothy has a quirky sense of humor and a quick and caring mind, always open to all questions. Like the name suggests, these guys are incredibly reliable, strong, efficient and complete all jobs to the highest possible standard. They’re the super heroes of the moving world.


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