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An Introduction to Les A
Les Ambassadeurs Club, or “Les A” as it is fondly referred to by its members, has been welcoming aristocracy, diplomats and famous names since the early 19th Century. Once owned by the Conyngham family and Leopold de Rothschild, son of Baron Lionel de Rothschild, the club was re-opened in 1991 and once again established itself as a major landmark in the architectural heritage and social life of the Mayfair and London scene, and as one of the most exclusive and sought after casino memberships.

Bought by Landing International Development Limited in 2016 and marking the most recent phase in No. 5 Hamilton Place history, the company has set about lavishly restoring the building’s classical features, including the most striking library and solid oak staircases in London and created a one-of-a-kind smoking garden for the comfort of its members; allowing them to play and smoke in an ‘al fresco’ gaming environment. Private rooms and a world-class restaurant have hosted the cream of society for over 100 years, in what has been an extravagant and fascinating history. The position is to offer premium players the absolute best product, maximums in the world, in a socially responsible manner.

Les Ambassadeurs Club is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landing International Development Limited which is listed in the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is principally engaged in development and operation of integrated resort, casino business, and properties development. Please refer to www.landing.com.hk for details.


As the CEO of Les Ambassadeurs Club, Kevin brings with him a wealth of strategic planning and development experience over 20+ years, operating with premium international casino brands in multiple markets. Kevin has honed his unique skills to help position Les A as the premiere private members casino in London, and the top choice for serious players. In his leadership role, he provides guidance in all aspects of the business, including general oversight, compliance, branding, relationship development, premium programs, staff development, and strategic planning & analysis. In his time with the company, the business has transformed into a true premium player centric model, with a focus on delivering the best-in-class benefits and experiences.

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