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The truth is, no two clients are the same and depending on the services your organisation requires and how you like to work, the process of working with Bournes can be very different. That being said, when you contact us this is the relationship you can typically expect to enjoy .

  1. Understanding your business :
    This is one of the most valuable parts of our relationship with you, and something we will seek to do continuously. We work with you to explore your current situation, understand your challenges and unique requirements.

We’ll look at your needs today as well as your goals in the future, whether that’s delivering urgent skills in global locations, delivering growth in new markets or reducing costs and improving return on investment. We take into account all the stakeholders involved in your programme, from the assignment manager to procurement to the individual assignees and beyond.

2.Discovering opportunities :
Once we’ve got to know you a bit better we will work together to identify gaps between current performance and the optimal levels you’d like to achieve. We’ll help you understand the impact of these gaps on the areas that are important to you, for example costs, assignee satisfaction or attracting new talent.

You’ll be offered our expertise to assist in identifying common problems or areas of underperformance including policy design, initiation, relocation planning and preparation, service delivery or payment collection. We’ll help you diagnose little problems which could uncover big opportunities to influence your success.

Even if you aren’t ready or don’t need make big changes we can definitely help to identify a few quick wins that will make sure our conversations always add value.

3. Designing solutions :
We’ll work together to design a great solution for consistent successful relocations with predictable outcomes.

Our goal is to design and build solutions that close the gap between current and optimal performance. We’ll use our industry standards, benchmarking, technical knowledge and unique functionality along with our flexibility, innovative solutions, personal experience, global knowledge to design tailored, proven solutions. We’ll help you compare your options and test out our solutions to work out what’s the best fit for you.


If you are moving house and are evaluating or comparing removals quotes the company may have discussed a ‘late key waiver’ with you. This waiver allows you to pay a small amount to protect you against the possible additional charges you would incur if anything delays the time you have access to your new home on move day.


We all know that moving house doesn’t always go to plan. In fact, sometimes it can go drastically off plan, and the move might not even happen at all (for example if your exchange or completion is delayed or your home purchase falls through). While this is rare, it does happen occasionally – and if you’re moving with a professional removals company, depending on how close to the move date you are when you have to cancel, it can cost you a lot of money.

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