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FAQs & Handy Tips :
Below are answers to some regularly asked questions.

1. Who arranges the parking suspensions?

We will arrange these on your behalf. We apply no extra charge for doing this.

2. Do you disconnect/reconnect washing machines and white goods?

We can disconnect and reconnect your white goods as long as the necessary plumbing is in place.

3. Can you move pets?

No, you will need to make your own arrangements to move your pets.

4. Can you move plants?

Yes we can move plants. If they are creepers you will need to detangle them in advance. If your plant happens to die after your removal this will not be covered by our liability.

5. Can I travel in the removal vehicle?

No, our insurance does not cover you in the event of an accident.

6. Can you disconnect electrics?

We cannot disconnect anything without a plug, in these cases you will need a qualified electrician. Our removal liability does not cover us to disconnect lights or hot wired appliances.

7. Can you disconnect gas cookers?

We are able to disconnect gas cookers only if fitted with a bayonet fixing. If not you will need a Corgi registered gas fitter.

8. Can you remove rubbish?

Yes as long as this is agreed in advance. An additional cost will be incurred as we are charged waste fees according to weight. We cannot dispose of fridges, freezers or electrical goods.

9. Can you pack food?

Yes. We suggest that you run down the contents of your fridge and freezer prior to your removal and keep a cool box handy for your last cold items.

10. What should I prepare for the move day?

This will be discussed in advance, please see our handy tips below.

Handy Tips :
At Burke and Wills we pride our selves in being one of the most conscientious removal companies around. Below are some handy tips to make the whole process of moving home less stressful.

1. Child safety is paramount – child care may be an option

2. Keep kids’ favorite teddies and blankies to hand

3. Keep Pets Secure – a locked up pet is better than a lost pet

4. Medicines in current use to be kept handy

5. Redirect Mail

6. Disconnect/Reconnect Phone/Fax/Broadband

7. Read Gas & Electricity Meters

8. Cancel Milk and Paper Deliveries

9. Defrost and Dry Fridges/Freezers

10. Organise Cable/Satellite Contracts

11. Set aside Hoover, Cleaning Kit and Bin Bags

12. Keep Cash, Credit Cards, Mobile Phones and Chargers, Passports, Important Documents, Jewellery and Keys with you

13. Have a thorough final check before departing your previous premises

14. Keep some loo roll handy

15. If you have holidays planned soon after your removal, remember to pack your holiday kit before we turn up

16. Envelope and label keys, window locks and manuals that belong to the property you are vacating

17. Keep any firearms/ammunition separate to be moved yourself

18. Relax! We will do the rest!

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