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Delahaye Moving :

A pre-move survey is the key to a good move. It allows us to understand your needs and to plan your move as thoroughly as possible.

Details are important, from checking accesses to ensuring we have the right packing materials, or or to determine the size of the truck or container required to carry all your belongings.

The better our planning, the better your move will be.

Time is always crucial, but so is your privacy. That’s why Delahaye offer the option of a virtual pre-move survey that lets you provide us with all the necessary information by simply using the camera on your smartphone.

Who, Where, When

Our reach is worldwide and we work only with the best agents in any country for your individual needs.

For us, there is no such thing as “one size fits all” and we take great care to avoid outsourced contractors. By working with our own teams we maintain the service ethos our customers expect.

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