Alberico At Aspinalls

At Aspinalls


Slavery and human trafficking remain to be some of the most abhorrent crimes in modern day
society that continue to impact people from all over the world. Crown Aspinalls is in full support
of the UK Government’s commitment to eradicate these crimes, to mitigate and identify risks,
to support the victims and to prosecute perpetrators within the full extent of the law. It is
everyone’s responsibility to be alert to the risks, however small. In demonstration of this
support and as a socially responsible corporate citizen, Crown Aspinalls has implemented a
number of mitigating measures to identify and report suspicions of modern slavery, particularly
in contracted services where the risk of modern slavery may be greater. Ultimately, in
application of this policy, the expectation is that all Crown Aspinalls staff report their concerns,
which are followed up and acted upon as appropriate.


Crown Aspinalls is a high end Mayfair casino incorporating bar and restaurant facilities. Crown
Aspinalls forms part of the global Crown Resorts Limited group.

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