Momentous Relocation


Managing the relocation of your employee involves clockwork coordination of multiple service providers across different locations. As a market-leading corporate relocation company, our relocation services work hand in hand with your in-house mobility teams to give you full control over your assignments, tying it all together into one simple, easy-to-use package.


Gerson Relocation provide support to both individual employees, groups of employees and corporate organisations in their movement around the world. Our experienced personnel will assist with the creation of a support programme that meets the needs of the business individuals involved. Enabling you to plan your personalised relocation process.

Gerson Digital and our dedicated client teams ensure compliance through our risk management service programmes such as expense management and our digital platforms, ensuring compliance with all elements of reporting and proactive reminders regarding key dates; for example, lease time frames and visa expiry dates. Our role is ensuring our clients, either individual assignees or corporate mobility teams have the information available to make informed, strategic decisions.

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