Davis & Mac


About Davis & Mac :
Ed Davis & Dan McNamara set out to create a removals, storage and installations company with one simple rule…everything must be beautiful!

We offer a full range of services, but a singular approach to customer service: every client always gets our friendly, helpful, and capable people – people who care deeply about getting everything right.

House moves, office moves, packing, storage and interior design installations are our thing and we do them better than anyone. Our gorgeous fleet and highly trained, fully insured team will move you from A to B seamlessly, and in style.

Storage Service :
Davis and Mac has been providing storage services for over 10 years, since the company was first founded.

Our storage solutions are some of the cheapest available and couldn’t be simpler to use. Give us a call and we will estiamte how much space you need. We come to your place, pack and load your items onto the van and we will take them away and deliver them to one of our storage facilities across London.

Our storage solutions guarantee a high level of security. Temporary or long term, simple or complex, it may be ‘storage’ but it’s still your stuff. You still want the best, most convenient and secure service available. We get that – so if you need it, we’re on it.

What You Can Store :

Large furniture is at risk of damage when contained into storage, at Davis & Mac, you don’t have to worry. Our spacious storage allows plenty of room for your furniture to breath.

Space can be a problem. Especially with large office equipment; however, at Davis & Mac we provide the most useful and practical storage space for your items, helping to keep them protected.

Worried about damage? Davis & Mac’s high quality storage system ensures that your items are kept safe and protected for longer. Giving you peace of mind and clarity.

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