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Clearance Solutions Ltd is dedicated to providing the most ethical and environmentally sophisticated house clearance and office clearance services in London and the UK.

We choose to reuse
When we started in the business we were appalled at the sheer waste we witnessed at all the major London waste transfer stations. Perfectly good house and office furniture and effects were being dumped in vast quantities around the clock. And whilst the companies operating the waste transfer stations claimed 50% – 70% recycle rates (questionable in our opinion), recycling has a much higher environmental cost when compared to reusing.

Dedication :
We are committed to ensuring that everything that can be reused is reused. And of course as much of the remainder is recycled as is possible. It’s easy to say, and nowadays most of our competitors do, but putting it into practice is a real challenge.

This is because a lot of the effort that goes in to getting a broad range of furniture and effects reused is not financially rewarding. Of course it is easy to get valuables reused – this is often called selling!! However, the vast majority of the items we clear are of such little value that we have to give them away or the payment we do receive only covers the costs of sale (labour, delivery, storage etc). Taking the time to set up and maintain a network of second hand dealers, boot sellers, ebayers and charities for this less valuable stock (records, books, furniture, appliances, computers, clothes, ornaments etc etc) requires time, skill and dedication.

We are proud of our commitment to this process, and of the on going dedication of our friends, associates and above all our employees in helping us reach our goals. We are always happy to discuss how the contents of any house clearance or office clearance will be dealt with.

How we work :
Our uniformed teams arrive in a truck and collect the items from anywhere, whether they’re in attics, sheds, basements, vehicles, outbuildings or gardens. We always tidy up afterwards, leaving everything neat, clean, and well looked after. Everything is taken away on the day for eco-friendly disposal.

Pricing – factoring in resale value of items cleared :
Our prices are based on the labour, vehicles and recycling / disposal charges required. Unlike most clearance companies, our house clearance takes into consideration the resale value of items such as antiques and collectables that may be included in the clearance. Simply give us a call, and we’ll give you a quote within minutes.

Additional services :
You may need to get some items taken to friends or family, get the property thoroughly cleaned, or get the garden cut back and tidied. We offer a broad range of services to help you get everything done easily without having to deal with multiple contractors.

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