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Vantastic Removals for all your moves!
Vantastic Removals is a family-owned and family-operated business specialising in local and long-distance removals. We’re a well-established company in London, where we have countless satisfied customers. Read on to see how we can help make moving easier for you.
We’re here to see you through every stage of the moving and storage processes. Our professional and courteous staff uphold the highest standards of customer care. You can be sure that we will treat you and your belongings with the greatest respect as well as getting the job done fast. Find out more about our moving and storage services.

Storage :
Need to store the overflow from your house while you search for your new dream home? Working in partnership with one of the largest storage companies in the UK, we can help allocate you storage close to your house, easily accessible and in some cases 24 hours!!!!!

We also specialise in getting your stuff into the smallest space possible hence giving you massive savings on your storage!
This customer had over 1000 model toy boxes in storage that he wanted to condense into a smaller room to save on storage fees. One of our proudest packing moments!!!

Removal services :
Moving house can be a daunting experience. We’re here to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our experienced, professional staff are here to meet all your relocation needs, whether you’re moving your home or business across the city or across the country.

Residential removals :
Our knowledgeable staff are prepared to guide you through the entire moving process, box by box. It all starts with an analysis of your removal needs at your home. We have an extensive range of packing materials and have full-time packers to get you on your way. Our experienced removal staff have been specially trained in loading and unloading your belongings safely and securely. We’re here to lighten the load and to take the worry out of moving.

Commercial / Office removals :
We understand the stress involved in relocating a business. To minimise the downtime and the impact of the move on you and your business, we will speed things up by planning the move in detail with you beforehand.

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