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About Us :
In an increasingly complex world there is something reassuringly timeless about Edward Miles. An eponymous London based company established by Edward Miles who was born into a fourth generation of high end removal specialists. Beyond a job or even a passion. Removals is in Edward’s blood.

The company is built on a commitment to honesty, integrity and trust. Every service we offer is an uncompromised demonstration of these values.

Our meticulous care, attention and discretion has made us a very favoured service for the high net worth individual. We don’t offer high levels of care as an optional extra. Every piece, from the moment it is in our care, is considered as precious as it is valuable.

Storage :
Safe, reliable and secure storage is a necessity of contemporary living. The Edward Miles storage facility is a benchmark for security. It provides 15,000 square foot of space with the highest level of protection for your possessions. Our storage warehouse is fitted with:

  • motion sensors
  • vehicle and face recognition cameras
  • a comprehensive alarm system which is linked to every entry point
  • twelve security cameras that surround the perimeter of the land and the store
  • a gated entrance and fully fenced perimeter
  • the latest fire detection technology                                                                                         “We have paired high security facilities with an expert operations team.”
    Whether you intend to store the contents of a townhouse or a collection of artwork; there is no limit to the amount, size or value of content, or the length of time that we will take care of it. We will always quote for your storage request individually, which is based on volume to be stored.Home Removals :
    We pack, move, store, ship and unpack everything imaginable. Sometimes a move is within a postcode and frequently it can be to the furthest point on the globe. Our commitment is to execute every stage with an absolute minimum of anxiety or incident. It’s as simple as that.

    With four generations of heritage removals nobody has more understanding of the logistics, planning and process necessary to completing a very smooth move, large or small.

    Pragmatic skill and sense is critical. Our team also understand the sensitivity of working in your home and respond with an intuitive, polite and helpful manner.

    The careful preparation and precise implementation ensures that your move will be devoid of anxiety and incident. From the moment we arrive, punctually, to the moment that the last item is unpacked there will be a sense of order and process.

    International Relocations :
    Modern life is global. Our International shipping team manage everything from customs documentation, wrapping, loading, tracking and delivery. All flawlessly and efficiently. From the tiny and precious to the large and valuable. Every piece shipped with Edward Miles care and attention.

    You get complete peace of mind knowing that safe and secure delivery, anywhere in the World, is a definitive when and not an if.

    The Edward Miles shipping team have relationships with established international shipping companies to offer you the most cost-effective and time-efficient routing options to your destination.

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