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MH Removals is a London-based removals company with decades of collective experience in meeting the needs of clients. Our initial experience was gained in construction, providing the skills required to handle a wide range of items sensitively and efficiently. This experience means that we possess a blend of technical skills, such as IT moving and furniture assembly, as well as the dedication needed to carry out removal tasks on time, with minimal complications.

Our fully-trained and personable staff are equipped with the tools they need to meet any removals challenge, and always take a client-focused approach in every respect. When you work with us, you can be sure that your unique needs will be met, no matter how specialised or complex they are. We offer the best Removal Services in London.

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I need to move commercial premises. Do you have the capacity to move my IT equipment safely?
We have the physical capacity to carry out the vast majority of commercial removals. Our vans have a capacity of 700 cubic feet and we can supply numerous vehicles for any task, carrying out commercial removals as efficiently as possible. Moving IT equipment is one of our core areas, and we are able to do so safely and skilfully. The only exceptions are jobs that involve items requiring special permits, such as compressed gas cylinders. Otherwise, our fully-insured, experienced team will carry out commercial removals with no complications.

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