Alternative Casino Ents

Casino Ents


Are you planning that special celebration – perhaps an anniversary, or milestone birthday – and looking for something different? Our authentic casino tables are a truly unique way to make sure you’re remembered as the host with the most.

We give your party a wow factor whilst taking the stress out of organisation, running your casino from start to finish, and setting up our own equipment.

Whether you’re planning a big bash in a venue, or a small gathering in your own home, casino games are a great way for your guests to get to know each other and are enjoyed by all generations and ages! And it doesn’t matter if your guests aren’t familiar with the games: our friendly, professional croupiers are experienced at making sure everyone knows just what to do to keep your party going with a swing.

And because we use ‘Fun Money’ there’s no need for your friends or family to worry about breaking the bank.

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