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Furniture hoist, removals and storage services :
Founded in 2000, Pritchards of London has an established reputation for providing professional and caring furniture hoist, removals and storage services in the Greater London area and beyond.

Over the years, we have accrued a wealth of experience from a diverse range of projects and have particular expertise in taking care of larger, bulky items.

Our integrated hoist, removals and storage services ensure your goods and furniture arrive in the right place at the right time.

“We cannot recommend Pritchards enough for their attitude, value for money and professional service in every scenario, who should be an essential addition to any interior designer’s Little Black Book.”
Design Box Ltd
“We have used Pritchards of London many many times over 6 years for our furniture lifting purposes and they have never failed to give prompt and professional service. I would not hesitate to recommend them for hoisting furniture.”
Adrian, London .

Furniture Hoist Hire :
If you have a challenge regarding restricted access – from narrow doors to restricted corridors and stairways – we have the solution. Pritchards of London are your first choice for mobile furniture hoisting in London.

Using our innovative and adaptable furniture hoists we can remove or deliver items of furniture or goods up to a height of 30 metres via windows or balconies. This can drastically reduce the time needed to manoeuvre items through elaborate buildings, reducing costs too.

Our furniture hoist system (also sometimes referred to as a furniture lift or crane) is an ideal solution for removing or delivering large and bulky items to upper floors, where access through the building is impractical or impossible.

You can hire just a hoist and the operator, or we’re happy to provide additional help to assist with loading and unloading. We lift up to 200kg to 30m, or up to 400kg to 20m depending on the choice of hoist which we will guide you on to suit your individual requirements.

We are also able to hoist items such as solar panels onto roofs.

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Secure Storage Facilities :
We use a green and sustainable wooden container storage system to ensure that your goods are kept safe whilst they are in our care. This offers a flexible option in terms of storage space and associated costs which can often be more competitive than self-storage units.

Our storage facilities are based in North and South London.

After packing, the containers are transferred to our secure storage warehouse which is fitted with the RedCare alarm system providing you with peace of mind that your items are safe.

Storage Guide :
A single container can store up to 250 cubic feet.

Dependent on shape and orientation, some items take more room, some less. Large furniture items that come apart easily will take significantly less room.

Please find below a quick guide to average sizes and volumes of most common items usually stored with us to help you get an idea of how many containers you may need.

  • 3-Seater sofa 60 cu/ft
  • Chest of drawers 20 cu/ft
  • Double bed 60 cu/ft
  • M Size Bookcase 25 cu/ft
  • Dining table 50 cu/ft
  • Dining chair 10 cu/ft
  • Our Standard Cardboard Box 4 cu/ft

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